The Dusty Monk Pub

We feature twelve rotating beers on tap, heavy on Belgian, German, & Craft but also at times English, Scottish, French, Japanese, Mexican, etc., as well as bottles & cans from Poland, Laos, Russia & more.

There’s always one inexpensive blue collar beer on tap too, with Genesee Cream Ale being the favorite lately, and we always have bottles of Schlitz! We’re beer enthusiasts for sure but definitely not beer snobs.We have a great selection of digestif/amaro liqueurs form Italy & Germany (Fernet, Averna, Cynar, Vecchio del Capo, Underberg, Kuemmerling, Jägermeister, among others) as well as a few from Latvia that are reminiscent of dark mystical herbal medicine with a hint of motor oil, molasses, and eucalyptus– not for the faint of heart! Mix it with cola in a tall glass and sip it if you want to take the easy way out.

We’re the only bar with a bumper pool table in Tucson! There are at least 125 Tucsonans madly in love with this game that were not in 2015. That is entirely our fault. Come discover this cousin to billiards that has been described as a cross between pool and chess.